Spiritual Heavy Music

We harness our most powerful vibrational waves to transmit healing and awakening frequencies into your life journey.

Our Principles

To meaningfully connect our core principles with you, we would love to share our thoughts and perspective on our journey. We will provide a detailed description of AuraEther’s guiding principles, offering you a deeper insight into our journey and what we stand for.

Inner World

We cherish the principle of exploring the Inner World, placing value on equality, authenticity, and respect for all living beings on our planet. We honor the diverse opportunities that allow us to breathe, share, experience, and actively engage in the unfolding journey of life.

Outer World

Our commitment to recognizing the profound interconnectedness of all living beings, fostering a collective awareness that transcends the material realm. Through these guiding pillars, we aspire to delve into the boundless depths of spirituality, explore the tranquil expanses of astral silence, and nurture the essence of the soul in our journey.

Reality – Physics

Embracing the power of knowledge and creativity to navigate through the realms of light and dimensions. This commitment propels us to explore the intricate tapestry of existence, fusing the principles of reality and the laws of physics to embark on a journey of discovery, understanding, and transcendence.

Justice & Balance

This foundational belief guides us in fostering a harmonious coexistence, where fairness prevails, and the intrinsic value of every living being is acknowledged and honored. Through justice and balance, we aspire to contribute to a world that embraces equality and respects the sanctity of all life.




Origins, Energy and Love we are crawling to our soul.

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Dive into our musical universe, discover artist picks that resonate with our essence, and stay tuned for exciting upcoming releases. Your journey through sound starts here!

artist pick:

  • The All (3:37)
  • 2 Fight 4 (4:57)
  • Life As Whirlpool (3:42)

upcoming single

  • Tittle: Origins
  • Release date: 29/12/2023
  • Concept: Life Creation

“Before create a life path or your own creation you must connect yourself with your inner and the outer world”

Hans Gozait

Founder & Frontman

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