Auraether’s journey, led by the enigmatic Hans Gozait, as a musician and spiritual explorer, has been a captivating odyssey spanning continents and realms. Their story is one of a relentless pursuit of sonic and spiritual enlightenment, a voyage that has taken them from the dusty streets of their childhood to the far reaches of Oceania and Asia. In 2018, under the visionary leadership of Hans Gozait, Auraether embarked on a transformative journey to the remote Northern Territory of Australia, specifically to the indigenous community of Ramingining. It was there, amid the breathtaking landscapes and ancient wisdom of the land down under, that they recorded their first demos, ‘Saboteur’ and ‘Ramingining’. These early creations reflected not only their musical talent but also their deep connection to the energies of the Earth and the cosmos. In 2021, with Hans Gozait at the helm, Auraether ventured into Asia where they began recording their debut album, ‘Mother Earth’. This ambitious project marked a significant milestone in their artistic evolution, as they sought to fuse the wisdom of multiple cultures into a harmonious musical tapestry that transcended borders and genres.

Hans Gozait

Founder, Producer, Composer, Lyricist, Lead Vocalist & Lead Guitarist.

…AuraEther cooperative musicians:

Felipe Montes (Drums), Carlos Peralta (Bass), Fernando Guzmán (Guitar, synths, Bass), Darío Llancamán (Bass, few vocals, Edition & Mixing) and more to come!!!

Want to part of AuraEther’s core members? contact us at gozait@icloud.com